On the road back..

Hey there everyone!

Well so far its been a very exciting week for me. I’ve been cleared from the doctor to start participating in everything in a normal work out and the hand is feeling great! I’ve taken a few batting practices out on the field and can’t say that I have lost any of my “pop” haha!

But on the other hand not taking any ground balls for 5 weeks will definitely catch up to you. Let’s just say I was a little rusty the first couple days, but it’s like riding a bike, eventually it all comes back.

Today will be the first day in about five and a half weeks that I will be in a game and face some live pitching. I’m excited, can’t even describe my feelings right now. Everyone that I have talked to about my injury says, “wow you’re already healthy from it, that flew by!”

Well maybe it flew by to them but to me, it couldn’t have gone any slower. I’m hoping to get in a couple games here in Arizona and then be shipped out to an affiliate.

Meanwhile since I’ve had a good amount of downtime, Ive had plenty of opportunity to catch up on some ps3 games and have created countless numbers of cleats on NikeID.com. That could possibly be one of the best ways to pass time. I’m waiting to break these out in Wisconsin!

Well that’s it from me here in Arizona, everyone take care.

See you on Twitter at @N_Ram3314!

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