First Games Back

Hi folks,

Well, I can’t explain how good it feels to finally be back out on the field and starting up my 2012 season. For those of you who don’t know, I broke my hamate bone back in spring training. I rehabbed for several weeks until the doctor finally cleared me to work out.

Finally, on Thursday, May 10 I flew up to Appleton, Wisconsin and made it in time to make the lineup that night.

It was a really long day of traveling but still the rush of being in a game again took over and wiped away all the fatigue/ jet lag. I didn’t get a hit that first night, but it was great to be back with my teammates and get back to playing.

This last week we went on the road and played the Kane County Cougars, the Kansas City affiliate. They had a pretty good turnout of fans at that ballpark, and my bat got going there as well. I hit my first home run of the season in the last game of the series.

Two of the days were field trip days for local schools so I definitely got my fair share of the Spongebob song. Once we finished up that four-game series we hit the road and got back to  Appleton for a nice seven-game home stand.

It’s been a very exciting past week with being in the line up every day and getting the opportunity to go out and play the game of baseball daily.

I can’t explain how blessed I feel especially since the game was taken away from me for a few weeks.

Well that’s it for now from Appleton. I’ll try and get another blog out before we hit the road for the two week long road trip!

In the meantime, see you on Twitter at @N_Ram3314! Tweet at me and I’ll tweet back!

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